Vuyo Mbuli's widow lashes out

Sunday 26th May, 2013 on City Press

Vuyo Mbuli’s estranged wife has accused TV and radio presenter Kuli Roberts of being among 18 women her husband committed adultery with during their marriage. Rumours erupted this week that Savita Mbuli and Morning Live presenter Mbuli’s current girlfriend, known only as Kim, argued before Mbuli’s funeral on Friday. She’s also been accused of sidelining Kim while making funeral arrangements.

“The woman you are talking about was among the 18 girlfriends that Vuyo had,” Savita told City Press yesterday. “She was not the only girlfriend.

Savita claimed she discovered a barrage of “raunchy” SMS exchanges between Mbuli and Roberts. “I found these SMSes on my husband’s cellphone, but I didn’t confront any of them because I knew where Vuyo’s heart lay.

“He loved me and I didn’t care because I know he was not a saint. Roberts laughed off the claims, saying her relationship with Mbuli was platonic.

“I have no time for attention-seeking Savita. I think she is the one who sent me those SMSes from his cellphone.

You know, on Saturday night I got an SMS from him saying ‘Hello how are you?’ And then suddenly the SMSes stopped coming. I have not seen him the whole of last year and this year.

Savita moved out of their Houghton home and into a townhouse they owned in another suburb.

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