Disney goes to Infinity and beyond

Sunday 25th August, 2013 on The Independent on Saturday

Iol Scitech Aug 23 Disney Infinity People visit the Disney Infinity exhibit at E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, in Los Angeles. New York - In ancient times B.V.G. Forget about logic or plot consistency because the most important goal is to create an entertaining adventure.

That's the essence of Disney Infinity (for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii, $74.99/R700 for starter kit). Why not let Buzz Lightyear ride Dumbo? Or invite Mickey Mouse to hang out with Wreck-It Ralph? There's one limitation: the characters have to belong to The Walt Disney Co.

But given the depth of Disney's roster - which now includes Star Wars, Marvel superheroes and the Muppets - the possible combinations do seem endless. The starter kit comes with figurines of Mr.

Jack Sparrow and Sulley, and “play sets” for their corresponding movies, The Incredibles, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Monsters University. Additional characters cost $13 each; Cars and The Lone Ranger play sets cost $35 each.

The introductory package also includes the Infinity Base, which plugs into your game console and has two round spaces for characters and a hexagonal space for a play set. Park Sulley and his play set on the base, for example, and you're off on an adventure at Monsters U.

By providing different game worlds for different characters, the play sets distinguish Disney Infinity from its obvious inspiration, Activision's blockbuster Skylanders” series.

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