Deadly Hummer driver was 'irresponsible'

Friday 24th May, 2013 on The New Age Online

Deadly Hummer Driver Was ‘irresponsible’ ‘punish him’: Indi Himalindi Chiyabu was charged with culpable homicide after crashing into motorcyclists, killing two, injuring another and fleeing the scene. THE Hummer driver who crashed into three motorcyclists, killing two and causing a third to lose a limb, was irresponsible, the Pretoria North Regional Court heard yesterday. Submitting evidence in aggravation of the sentencing of Zambian Indi Himalindi Chiyabu, prosecutor Tanya Carstens called for a stiff jail term.

Chiyabu was using a Zambian driver’s licence at the time of the accident on Rachel de Beer Road, Pretoria, in October 2010. The Hummer and two of the motorcycles caught fire and Chiyabu fled the scene.

Pieter Coetzee, 49, and JP Kruger, 32, died at the scene. Coetzee’s son Pieter survived, but had to have a leg amputated.

Carstens said road accidents and carnage were rampant in SA and the court had to impose a firm punishment which would serve as a deterrent to other road abusers. She submitted figures released by Transport Minister Ben Martins after the 2013 Easter holidays, showing that at least 241 people had died in 201 road accidents.

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