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Gauteng records improved TB cure rate

Pretoria – The availability of GeneXpert machines, which speed up the diagnosis of TB and Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) TB, has resulted in quicker detection of MDR TB, says Gauteng
Ambrosini is wrong about cancer   Daily Maverick

Coverage from Uganda Newspapers
TB fight: Uganda must focus on children and HIV   The Weekly Observer

Sick kids at creche: woman held

Pretoria - A woman was arrested on Friday for feeding children a substance that caused severe vomiting and diarrhoea at a Mamelodi East crèche. Sixteen children fell sick an

Minister liable for baby’s injury

The health minister has to pay for the damages suffered by a baby girl after nurses left a rubber band overnight on her arm. In terms of a settlement reached in the North Gauteng H
277 Comments   Sowetan

Ex-top pupil to get R7.6m from RAF

A once-brilliant pupil who suffered severe brain damage in a car accident on her way home from a matric after-party, is to receive R7.6 million in damages from the Road Accident Fu
  • Citizen
    RAF to pay R4.2m to law student

Foreign mom's neglect turns fatal

Crack Down: Poor Implementation Of The Health Department's Policy On Foreigners' Rights To Healthcare Results In The Neglect Of Many Emergencies, Doctors Say, Particularly In Obstetrics. (Delwyn Verasamy)Crack down: Poor implementation of the health department's policy on foreigners' rights to healthcare results in the neglect of many emergencies, doctors say, particularly in obste

Hospital in dark about twins' birth

George Mukhari HospitalA Pretoria woman is besides herself with anxiety after her newborn twins went missing from George Mukhari Hospital. Johannesburg - A woman claims her twins were stolen from a publi

Church's wellness day benefits community

"HIGH Blood Pressure is a silent killer and often people neglect the symptoms," says Professor Phindile Mntla of Dr George Mukhari Hospital. Congregants of Tembisa Methodist Church

Bursaries for Gauteng youngsters to study in Cuba

Pretoria - In an effort to boost the number of doctors in the province, the Gauteng Department of Health is inviting youngsters interested in studying medicine in Cuba, to apply fo

Gauteng budgets R300m for hospital boilers

Plan For HospitalInfrastructure Development MEC Qedani Mahlangu delivers her budget speech for 2013/14 in the Gauteng legislature. Johannesburg - The Gauteng provincial government plans to spend R3

Infant care leaps forward with a lesson from kangaroos

A simple practice that benefits all newborns is also bringing down mortality rates. A group of El Salvadoran mothers receive training in kangaroo mother care at a maternity hospita