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Sex-for-jobs officials return to work

The return of 10 of 17 staff fingered in sex-for jobs and jobs-for-sale allegations at the Dr George Mukhari Hospital has left a bitter taste in the mouths of whistle-blowers.

Family blames themselves, hospital for deadly delay

Main Topix: Steve Biko Academic Hospital - Dr George Mukhari Hospital
Shortly after being diagnosed with cervical cancer, an elderly Tshwane woman has lost her fight with the disease – and left her family blaming themselves and the health system.

Burns unit to open at Dr George Mukhari

Pretoria – Residents living in the north of Pretoria will be able to make use of a specialised burns unit at the Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital, in GaRankuwa, by the end of the year.

Woman claims she waited five years for referral

A Tshwane woman claims she waited five years for a referral to diagnose a painful tumour on the back of her neck.

Raped student suing police, NPA

Pretoria - A Tuks student who was raped and left for dead by a notorious criminal who had been wanted for 10 years is suing the police and the National Prosecuting Authority for failing to protect the public against a dangerous criminal.
Rape victim claims R10m from police   The Independent on Saturday

Tukkie's rapist sentenced to life in jail

The man who has come to be known as “the Tukkie rapist” has been sentenced to life in jail with an additional 40 years.

War Over Missing Tip Of Child's Tongue

SUSAN Shibambo is ready to start a war over the missing tip of her daughter’s tongue.

Negligence case: R17m for two moms

Pretoria - Gauteng taxpayers have had to fork out more than R17 million this week to pay damages to two mothers whose babies were left severely disabled due to negligence at provincial hospitals.
Waterkloof 4: du Preez fights for parole   The Independent on Saturday

Medunsa closed indefinitely, students ordered to vacate the premises

A neurosurgeon does his rounds with Medunsa students in one of the wards at Dr George Mukhari Hospital in Garankuwa.