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AIDS drugs for children may cost less

LOWER-priced HIV/ AIDS drugs for children are the expected outcome of a licensing agreement signed between US pharmaceutical manufacturer AbbVie and the United Nations’ Medicines Patent Pool (MPP), AbbVie announced on Monday.
Poor leadership in a deadly war   The Independent on Saturday

Is TB spinning out of control in South Africa?

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There her friend Jolene, similarly weak and skeletal, lay. Jolene’s family were too poor to travel 50 kilometres from Atlantis to Brooklyn Chest Hospital in Ysterplaat, Cape Town, for regular visits.

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Medical device samples 'failing tests'

MORE than half the samples of medical devices submitted by companies bidding for state tenders failed to meet the grade, a senior Department of Health official yesterday told MPs who are considering new laws to regulate the sector.
Special delivery   The Independent on Saturday

Parliament's bills pile up

The bill was introduced on February 26 by Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi. There are at least nine bills still to be debated by the House before they can potentially be passed and legislated.

Plea on definitions of medicines

UPWARDS of 60% of its members’ products could end up being rendered illegal when new laws are enacted, the Health Products Association said on Wednesday in an appeal to Parliament to change key definitions in the Medicines and Related Substances Bill.

The era of drug-resistant infections threatens healthcare

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YOLANDA contracted her first urinary tract infection when she was 17. When she was 20 the painful attacks were an almost fortnightly occurrence, and she was on a first-name basis with staff at a pathology laboratory.

Medical council urged to speed up registration of generic drug for TB

HEALTH activists and patients of multiple drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) on Thursday petitioned the Medicines Control Council (MCC) to speed up the registration of a cheap generic version of Pfizer’s Zyvoxid (linezolid), saying the delays were costing lives.