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SA traditional medicine comes under the microscope

A Selection Of Traditional Medicine On Display At The Faraday Muti Market In Johannesburg. Picture: SUNDAY TIMESSOWETO — After decades in the shadows, South Africa’s traditional healers, or sangomas, are modernising and becoming big business, raising questions about the need for strict r

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Differentiated medicine price increase plan 'too complicated'

THE head of generic drugs importer Pharma Dynamics on Tuesday voiced opposition to the Department of Health’s proposal to introduce a new mechanism for determining price increase

Litha stock plummets on disappointing results

DIVERSIFIED medical group Litha Healthcare’s shares fell as much as 8% to an intraday low of R1.92 on Friday after the company reported that its earnings nearly halved. Litha, wh

Breakthrough against drug resistant TB

Copy Of Ca P11 TB Development DoneScientists at the Brooklyn Chest Hospital are optimistic about new multidrug-resistant TB antibiotic Delamanid. Cape Town - Local tuberculosis experts are optimistic that a novel T

EDITORIAL: Motsoaledi right to clamp down

THE "freedom of trade" section of the bill of rights states that "every citizen has the right to choose their trade, occupation or profession freely". Importantly, however, it goes

Complementary medicine industry resists change

SOUTH Africa’s R8bn complementary medicines industry is blatantly resisting the government’s attempts at regulation, ignoring a February 15 deadline to put disclaimers on its p

Clamour for medical marijuana

Iol News Pic Medical Dagga Dispensary
Iol News Pic Medical Dagga DispensaryA medical cannabis outlet in Denver, Colorado. Johannesburg - Cape Town mother Lindsey Martin believes she has quality of life today because of cannabis oil. And she is not alone &

New regulatory institute 'a boost' for medicines council

THE Department of Health will launch a specialised institute of regulatory medicine in April as one of the measures to improve the capacity of the Medicines Control Council (MCC) t