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Social - Kelly Khumalo's swan song, a cheeky diamond and a bad hair day

Predictably, there were no feathers at the launch of the Feather Awards this week. Instead, there was a cheeky pink “diamond” – on the awards’ new-look trophy. The dress co

Guptas up for Drama Queens 2013

Ajay and Atul Gupta during an interview with City Press. It’s that naughty time of the year again – when the LGBTI community announces its nominations for the somewhat over-the


The Late Vuyo Mbuli And His Wife Savita.THE widow of late TV personality Vuyo Mbuli has been dealt another blow. Daily Sun has learned from a reliable source that a sheriff of the court has attached the assets of the com

Ex-workers get CCMA cold shoulder

FORMER employees at Zazise Communications, a company that was co-owned by the late broadcaster Vuyo Mbuli and his widow Savita Mbuli, are now accusing Mzwakhe Mbuli of conspiracy.

Vuyo Mbuli's staff stranded without wages

Zasise employees threaten to demand their salaries from late broadcaster’s wife. It is not all “sharp sharp” for the late Vuyo Mbuli’s staff at his company, Zasise Communic

Snoop Lion gets Zulu royal seal of approval

Snoop Lion with members of the Zulu royal family. Snoop Lion wore a leopard skin and headgear with the “blessing” of the Zulu royal family during his recent visit to South Afri

Webgate: Magashule will investigate

Free State Premier Ace Magashule. Free State Premier Ace Magashule said he would investigate the multimillion-rand website design and development contract for the Free State govern