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In Queen's Mercy, pupils pull back from the brink

Activists help school to find its voice and stand up for the right to education. Equal Education staffers (from left) Lumkile Zani, Yoliswa Dwane, and Hopolang Selebalo have been f

FMT aids underprivileged learners

Varsity Joy… A Unique Netsurfer Tablet That Comes Embedded With 183 Hours Of Curriculum Aligned Maths And Science Content Helped Alexandria Matriculant Siviwe Mbele Achieve A Distinction In Mathematics – And A Place In University. She Is Pictured Here With Prof Werner Olivier Of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Unit, Which Created The Content For The Tablet, The Brainchild Of Future Mobile Technology, Which Is Also Available Commercially As The Netsurfer SCHOLAR.The intervention of two brothers, both semi-retired engineers and farmers, armed with a unique classroom support package containing video-based maths and science content, led to ac

Corruption in education a concern

While it may appear that the Department of Education is the most corrupt department in government, statistics have shown that it is not. I would like to believe that the reason it


They want around them people - people they love and have relationships with. Why do you want to live and die without God? What has God done to you that you hate him so much? Why do

School desperate for new roof

140218school2smA KING William’s Town school has to cram more than a hundred pupils into classrooms after a heavy storm caused major damage last month. A storm that hit Ramnyiba village outside

129 schoolchildren rushed to hospital

MORE than 100 pupils of an Eastern Cape boarding school were rushed to hospital during the early hours on Monday, apparently after drinking contaminated water. A total of 121 girls

Bhisho probes school after teacher abuse

So far no action taken against perpetrator. NO ACTION has yet been taken against the Eastern Cape teacher caught on video dishing out corporal punishment to schoolgirls in what loo

Video of pupils’ beating goes viral

A VIDEO that has gone viral on a social media site allegedly shows an Eastern Cape teacher dishing out corporal punishment to a group of schoolgirls in what appears to be the schoo

System slashes school water bill

PORT ALFRED resident Chris De Wet Steyn has saved Douglas Mbopa Senior Secondary School in Motherwell nearly R30000 in water bills this month with his family business's innovative