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For all your home alteration needs you can count on us, Home Alterations Vaal River, to assist you to the best of our ability. We understand that your house is more than just a “valuable asset” and that it’s a HOME filled with tons of memories and stories of the past and present- and there will be tons more memories and stories in the future to come.

Home Alterations Vaal River’s aim is to alter the areas within your house that are in need of repairs or renovations.

Staying true to our customer-driven nature is something that we vow to ALWAYS do…therefore our highly efficient and reliable services will ALWAYS be available to you at cost-effective and reasonable rates.

Home alteration companies Vaal River 
Home alteration companies Vaal River 

Apart from transitioning homes into what you desire, we’re also able to provide our expertise to commercial projects.  

Home Alterations Vaal River recognize that home alterations are not limited to your building but also include your garden and other outside structures such as carports and garages and so we are also able to assist you with those needs so don’t hesitate to ask.

Home Alterations Vaal River services include

ROOFING: For all your needs in regards to roofing we are the right guys to speak to. If you have a roof that is in need of repairs/ renovation/ replacement then you can count on us to rectify the problem to a reach an outcome that you can consider satisfactory. But it doesn’t just stop there…our services extend to gutters, solar panels, skylight and thatching (repairs/ supply/ installation) so that you may have the best roof in town.

WALLING: Brick wall? Dry-wall? Precast wall? Plastering? Retainer wall? Any kind of wall…you name it and we can supply/ install/ repair it. Perhaps you are looking to extend a wall or even create a drywall partition, either way- YOU KNOW WHO TO CALL!

DOORS AND WINDOWS: We are able to provide you with the best aluminum door and window frames. BUT it doesn’t end there- we repair and replace windows as well as offer the best film tinting. And in order to ensure your safety we ensure we supply burglar bars and security gates.

GARDENING: Are you in need of landscaping architects? Maybe you’re in need of more basic garden maintenance such as lawn cutting or lawn dressing? Or maybe you want to avoid that completely and would like to go in the direction of instant lawn? Having the best garden in town is nothing but a call away. With specialists that are customer driven and highly skilled- what more can you ask for?

  • OUTSIDE STRUCTURES: Your garage; your automated/ manual gate; your carport; your wendy-house are all structures that fall under your HOME and therefore it makes sense for us to be equipped to handle the above mentioned services. No matter what you are in need of, you can trust that HOME ALTERATIONS Vaal River can assist you!Extras services:

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Home alterations Vaal River
Home alterations Vaal River


We are fully equipped to assist you with all of your requests. So don’t hesitate to pick up the dial and give us a call so that we may help you. We take pride in our abilities and therefore we are delighted when our customers express their satisfaction at the end result of our services because we always make sure that we give our best in every and any project that we undertake and that is something that you will be able to testify to when you give us a call. Home alterations Vaal River ARE ONLY A CALL AWAY!

Give us a call at: 073 277 3618
Email us at: info@newswall.co.za
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